Monday, May 24, 2010

There is so much less time when you plan ahead!

Dear Smart Sister,

This post will be short because, well, I planned ahead. I thought you might get a kick out of this-- a brief run through of my day with SuperTiger yesterday:

10am: I went and jumped on his bed, demanding to know how prom was. "Mmmhm" was the response that I got, followed by "I'm sweaty, I was too tired to shower last night." He is, in fact, both our father's son and all too familiar with how to keep sisters away.

1pm: Attempt number 2.
Me: ST, get up.
ST: *grumble, grumble*
Me: Are we going to Cute Dancer Prom Date's recital?
ST: Yes.
Me: Then get up. It's 1pm (recital is at 2). You need to shower.
ST: We need to go get her flowers.
Me: Well you don't have a car.
ST: WHAT?! Why not?
Me: Have you bought one yet?
ST: I thought someone would leave me one.
Me: They left the standard so I have to drive you (note to self: teach ST to drive standard). So get up, if you want to get flowers we need to leave at 1:30 which means you need to get in the shower NOW.
ST: Oh, yeh, that's true. Ugh. There is so much less time when you plan ahead!

1:58: Flowers in hand, me and ST walked into the Lawrence School auditorium, paid for our tickets and sat down.
ST: See, plenty of time. I planned it this way.
Me: Uhh, what's Cute Dancer Prom Date's last name?
ST: McDancer.
Me: Yeah, she isn't on the program.

Turns out...wrong recital. Fortunately, the mom doing the tickets gave me back our money, we jumped into the car, hurried out to Mashpee High School where the Turning Pointe recital was going on. Yes, Turning Pointe. Where I used to dance. No, no one told me she was a Turning Pointe girl or I would have known where the recital was. I'm not saying anything, all I'm saying is, I'm just saying...

Anyway, the last gem of the day from SuperTiger was this: We were sitting in the auditorium watching Cute Dancer Prom Date (who is a freaking gorgeous dancer, by the way) and...
ST: Hey, wanna know something cool?
Me: Sure.
ST: Cute Dancer Prom Date was the prettiest girl at the prom. And I'm not the only one who thought so.

AHHHH. It's a good thing he is so cute, keeps me from throwing him out a window when we end up in the wrong recital and such. Don't tell him I told you any of this, obviously.

Speaking of there being less time when you plan ahead, I have really got to get going or I won't be ready when you get here. Still got to grab my laundry, pack for a few days and run over to GMa's. If I'm not there, please come drive around til you find me, I'm probably lying on the side of the road somewhere trying to get the pollen out of my throat.

your slightly allergic, running late because I had too much fun drawing the congrats picture, super proud of you sister (and working on organizing the camera thing, I promise),


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