Sunday, May 16, 2010

master's degree + birthday = camera?

Dear my beautiful, wonderful, talented sister,

The card was delivered successfully yesterday, along with an autographed headshot of Strongdad's favorite actress. I met Strongdad and Grandmother at the MFA, after they got through the Egyptian exhibit, of course. Grandmother wanted to know if even talk of Egyptian art would creep me out, because she wanted to discuss the little wooden statues. I tried to explain that first, it's not all Egyptian art that creeps me out, mostly just coffins behind glass along with anything else that may have lain in them. And so second, I'm happy to talk about the small wooden statues, only since I haven't been in an Egyptian art exhibit since I was very little, I don't know what they look like and so I don't have much to say.

Strongdad is sorry that he took us to see the Egyptian exhibit when we were so little, especially because he thought he was doing something good for us and instead we've been traumatized for life. I'm not sure that the childhood visit is to blame; you were barely one, right? (I date most things from our childhood by what stage of divorce our parents were in.) Anyway, I think it's perfectly healthy that the idea of putting a coffin on view in a glass case creeps us both out.

Unrelatedly: if this blog thing is going to work, I think I need a camera. Due to both my impending graduation and upcoming birthday, and the fact that we have four parents and plenty of grandparents, I think it is totally reasonable for everyone to go in together on a present for me. So that I can take lots of pictures for you, obviously.

I leave this matter in your capable hands.

Your shameless sister

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