Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Allow me to introduce...

Hi sister,

Keeping with the picture theme...Meet Moxie! The kitten, not the soft drink (complete with captions, of course).

First day we brought her home. Just crawling on me, checking things out. 

Playing some stellar defense. (Notice the new air hockey table. You're jealous, admit it.)

Snuggling on the couch. 

She's pretty cute, it's true. But, the pictures are slightly biased. Mostly because generally she is moving too quickly to take a picture of her, so the only pictures are from the rare calm moments. For instance, five seconds after the above snuggling picture, she was gnawing on my arm without ever changing her general body positon. Other not-so-cute-unpictured-moments: chewing through my head phones, knocking water off my bedside table and straight onto my ipod (it's drying out, I'll keep you posted), punches to the eyeball while we sleep (she takes after me, apparently), deciding that the roommate is for snuggling while I am for biting/wrestling...

I started out trying to lure you to come visit, but I feel as though I may have just shot myself in the foot. Hm. She is super cute, I swear. And FYI, hair things are basically the best toy thing ever.

(Oh, also FYI, when I told PecanMama that "Moxie is a nut" she responded with, "We'll have to go shopping for some cat toys for her." So, you know, not for nothing, but I do have cat toys for her, the crayfishes tank is plenty big, he is making his water dirty, the water isn't makin ghim dirty, and when we have kids, she's gonna be alllll over us "helping." So, basically, you go ahread and have the first one or two so she gets it out of her system.)

All right then, one last thing. Where can I get rainbow knee socks? 

your air-hockey-champion (at least in our apartment) sister

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