Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time is Relative...

Dear Sister,

            Good news: I’m alive! Okay, well, I mean, my vitality was never really in question, but I am sorry that I’ve somewhat disappeared. I just checked the date of the last time you wrote—holy smokes does time fly! Here’s the thing: if my life were a movie (which it obviously should be), I’m in the montage phase of it. It  looks a little like this (apparently I really like colons today):

            Shot of car jam packed full of stuff. Girl, parents, moving stuff into almost empty apartment. Girl sleeping on air mattress in empty living room. Girl meeting everyone at the restaurant (and being awkward and shy, because, well, girl is me). Girl wandering shyly around radio studio. Girl putting together real bed. Girl sleeping proudly on real bed! Girl and a roommate wander around Target, debating whether or not to get hand towels and deep fryer (hand towels yes, deep fryer no). Girl working at restaurant. Girl listening from sound booth to interview, then later banging her head against the wall as she stares at a screen of audio waves on her computer. Girl and roommate having wine. Girl running (for exercise, not from anyone). Girl at restaurant. Girl staring at audio waves. Girl sleeping in bed with new sheets! REPEAT last five steps.

            But, on the plus side, at the end of the montage something good usually happens right? Like girl meets boy or girl gets promoted or...actually, I guess are usually the two main things that happen in movies. I’d be happy with either!

            Oh, one last thing. Birthday Card #3! (you are supposed to be getting about one a week...not sure how good my timing has been though...)

Sorry the images are a little blurry, I used my phone because, well...I can't find my camera. says "Being one day older only matters if you're a banana." And there really is a present coming, I swear. (Although if there is something you want or need, let me know...if not, I've got some ideas of my own!)

your midst-of-a-montage sister

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