Sunday, August 21, 2011

Business Casual for 300

Dear Sister,

Let's play a Jeopardy-style game. Since you already know the question, I'm instead going to give you the answers, and you can guess who gave me what answer. (Or, at least, what gender gave what answer. I don't think you know all the Answerers.)

A1: No.
A2: With a low key outfit, they could work.
A3: Only in Oz.
A4: How am I the appropriate person to respond?! You know I don't know these things!
A5: And what stopped you?! [from getting them]
A6: Does toto come with them?
A1 cont: [after learning they were bright pink] Well, in that case.

Q: Do these count as business casual?

And yes, this is relevant because I GOT A JOB. I think. Final details to come tomorrow, so cross your fingers!

your finally-maybe-out-of-cover-writing-hell sister

PS: Answer Key
A1: Mr. Practical
A2: MerSister
A3: You. (I hope you got this one right)
A4: JT(aka the boy who can't even remember to zip his fly on a consistant basis at the age of 25)
A5: E channeling Z
A6: The One From High School
A7: Girl from work.

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